Ullr is a Jämthund from Kamia Kennels in British Columbia. He is one of the first ten Jämthunds born in North America. The Jämthund is an ancient Norse breed dating back thousands of years. Ullr comes from a long line of Bear and large game hunting champions. He lives quite the adventurous life, when he is not being spoiled to death by his family. You could not ask for a more loving, compassionate, stoic dog. He is an outstanding companion and a registered service dog.

Ullr is also a wonderful chaperone for my three kids – more patient than a golden retriever with the children. He is very deliberate, cautious, and considerate. He is never hasty or rash. With these wonderful companion traits he also manages to maintain his own independence and sense of identity. He is truly a remarkable dog/friend/guardian/companion/hero.